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PracticeMatch Custom Digital Marketing

Do you plan to attend specialty conferences this year? Do you plan on hosting your own resident events? Now is the time to start planning! PracticeMatch is an industry-leader in helping recruiters find the right candidates. We have the marketing channels and expertise to precisely target your key audience and fill your pipeline.

How does it work?

We partner with you on a winning marketing strategy to drive engagement and attendance:

  1. We set up a consultation to review your 2020 plans for events
  2. After receiving your 2020 schedule, we create a thorough custom marketing strategy tailored to your events and goals
  3. You choose the level and duration of engagement and a budget that works for you
  4. We develop the creative assets, messaging, execution, and report our results to you

Campaigns can include:

  • Fully-customizable direct mail campaigns
  • SmartBanner campaigns with targeting by state and specialty on our network of 10,000+ brand-safe websites
  • Precisely geotargeted Facebook campaigns
  • Geofenced digital ad campaigns targeting conference centers, residency programs, and competitor hospitals
  • Custom event planning and execution
  • Expertly designed email invite templates, brochures, one-sheeters, social media, and more!

Free, No Obligation Demonstration

We'd love to tell you more about how PracticeMatch can make your job easier. 1-800-489-1440

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PracticeMatch Our Products - video 2018

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