Profile Information

PracticeMatch boasts having the most complete, most informative, and most accurate physician profiles in the industry. The detailed interviewing process is how this information is gathered for the Pinpoint database. Some of the items that are gathered include:

  • Training Status
  • Home, Business Address & Phone Numbers
  • E-Mail Address
  • Geographic Preferences
  • Practice Preferences
  • College & Medical School History
  • Residency & Fellowship History
  • Internships, Transitional Years, etc.
  • Subspecialty Interests
  • State Licenses
  • Examinations
  • Certifications
  • Current Interview Activity
  • Loans & Compensation Desires
  • Priorities
  • Work Experience
  • Home Town
  • Foreign Languages
  • Spouse or Significant Other Info
  • Hobbies & Personal Interests

Having access to detailed information is the key to success. PracticeMatch is the best resource for detailed information.

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