Quality Control

At PracticeMatch we have set the standard for high quality, complete physician profiles. We have a team of dedicated on-site Physician interviewers who go to great lengths to collect a full and complete profile. We record every interview so that our team of quality control experts can review each profile, ensuring that all the information is correct and complete. If there is conflicting, confusing, or missing information in a profile, we make sure to re-contact that physician to update the profile with the correct or missing information.

Once a profile has been entered into the database, the physician is given access to the information to check one more time to ensure that all the information presented is correct. Each physician's information is then updated periodically to ensure accurate contact information and job search status.

  • Profiles are reviewed by highly trained quality control staff
  • Profiles are reviewed by the physicians themselves
  • Profiles are checked for completeness
  • Gaps in dates are investigated and explained
  • Conflicting or confusing information is reviewed and fixed
  • Profiles are updated every 3-4 months, ensuring they are still current

PracticeMatch takes extensive steps to ensure that our information is complete and of the highest quality.

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