New Virtual Healthcare Recruitment Strategies to Keep You Safe During the Pandemic

New Virtual Recruitment Healthcare Strategies to Keep you Safe during the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed business practices around the world. These changes are forcing healthcare recruiters to rethink how they approach potential candidates and utilize new strategies to meet these challenges.

Virtual Recruitment Strategies

  • Candidate Recorded Screening Interviews- These video-based interviews can provide a lot of insight into a candidate’s suitability, background, and requirements with a minimal utilization of resources. Recruiters can email candidates a list of predetermined questions and have them record and submit a video of their responses. These responses can then be reviewed at the recruiter’s leisure to help them determine whether the candidate is a good fit.

Additional Benefits:

  • This virtual tool also has the added benefit of saving time and hassle by eliminating the run around associated with scheduling conflicts. Instead of coordinating times for calls around work schedules and time zones, both the candidate and the recruiter can make contact when it is most convenient and reduce overall hiring times.
  • Pre-recorded interviews also allow for easy comparison of candidates. Instead of trying to recall what a candidate answered in a live interview weeks ago, recruiters can instead review the video responses.
  • Vacancy Highlight Videos- People frequently respond to visual stimuli over text, so consider making a vacancy highlight video. This video can help clearly define a position’s requirements and positive features, while also exposing potential candidates to the posting recruiter. To further enhance the highlight video, consider including messages from pertinent leadership or company contacts to attract a candidate’s attention with a company’s unique culture.
  • Automate Follow Ups- When interested candidates make first contact it is critical to initiate a timely follow up. A quick follow up lets candidates know you have received their contact and are interested in pursuing further action. To capitalize on this feature try setting up an automated reply that establishes who you are, your contact information, specific details about the position and a request for their contact preferences. Consider also including relevant links that can guide the candidate to more specific vacancy related information or direct them to complete further screening questions.
  • Virtual Open Houses with Online Chat Capability- Virtual Open Houses provide a great opportunity for real-time exchanges between recruiters and interested candidates from all over the nation without the travel. They can eliminate disjointed phone and email exchanges by jump starting the recruiting process, pairing interested candidates with chief recruiters who are able to provide real-time feedback. To maximize available resources while also ensuring timely online responses to inquiries, consider limiting the vacancy scope of the open house to specific parameters over a more broad-based approach.
  • Maximize Your Static Online Info- Many candidates take their job hunt online after hours, so it is vital to maximize your static content. To help achieve this, consider providing an FAQ section to your vacancy postings as well as a variety of relevant links (i.e. local community, organizational, schools, entertainment or real estate sites). These answers and additional links can provide insight to potential candidates who are interested in jobs, but may be unable to immediately connect with a recruiter.