Having Problems Recruiting Physicians? Avoid This Costly Healthcare Recruiting Mistake

Having Problems Recruiting Physicians? Avoid This Costly Healthcare Recruiting Mistake

It is essential to share a common vision when working together on any project. This is especially important when working on organizational level recruitment efforts.

While you may assume that members from the same organization might prioritize recruiting factors similarly, this is not always the case. Divergent priorities when recruiting physicians can sabotage an organizations recruitment efforts if they are not addressed and integrated into the plan.

A recent study out of Boise State University, evaluated hospital board members, administrators and Physicians views on what they believed to be important factors regarding recruiting physicians to their organization(1).

Their research uncovered useful insight into how members of the same organization can hold both similar and markedly divergent values regarding Physician recruitment. The findings suggest that as you go down an organizational hierarchy, views on recruiting factor priorities increasingly diverge. While all 3 groups in the study agreed on the importance of community schools, emergency medical services and hospital leadership, they tended to think differently about administration and clinical related issues(1).

Board members reported administration and perceptions of quality as important factors whereas Physicians cited teaching, income, Advanced Practitioner staffing and ER coverage as priorities(1).

Physician interests highlighted schools, hospital leadership, income and Advanced Practitioner staffing. These important but differing views on recruiting physicians help shed light on how each member of a team can bring a different view of the organization to the table based on their role.

Physician Recruiting Tips to Take Home

Don't assume one size fits all regarding your team's vision of recruiting priorities. Each team member has unique insights into your organization due to their differing backgrounds, levels of experience and the unique interactions they have with the organization. A collective evaluation of these unique viewpoints can provide useful feedback that you can act on to make your organization better at recruiting physicians and more attractive to prospective Physicians.

Ways to Increase Organizational Collaboration When Recruiting Physicians

Foster Open Communication - Open communication is essential if collaboration is to occur. This is especially important when you have participating members coming from different levels of a hierarchy. To equalize any power differentials in a group consider establishing guidelines that all members must follow i.e. presentation order or time limits.

Create a Nonjudgmental Environment- When members feel accepted they are more likely to participate and be open to other viewpoints. Reinforce that everyone in the group has a unique perspective that can create solutions to your recruiting issues.


1. Baker E. et.al. What factors do critical access hospital trustee/board members believe are important to recruitment of physicians and do they differ from hospital administrators and physicians. Journal of Hospital Administration. DOI:10.5430/jha.v6n3p33.