Top Reasons PAs Are Leaving the Job

Top Reasons PAs Are Leaving the Job

If you employ Physician Assistants at your organization, it is important to understand what motivates them in regard to employment options. When it comes to leaving a job, up to 5% of PA's report that they plan on leaving their current job within the year (1). Such losses of key clinical personnel in your organization can be costly and preventing their departure should be a top priority.

Seeking Another JobMore than half of the PA's surveyed reported that they left their job to pursue another employment opportunity.

Unfair PayMany PA's reported feeling that there was a pay discrepancy at their current job. Ever increasing workloads with static compensation structures were driving many to seek better-paying jobs elsewhere. It is essential as a competitive employer to compare your compensation to the local rates to ensure that you are providing comparable pay.

They are MovingLife circumstances and geographic locations sometimes change. Close to a third of PA's cite relocation as the driving force behind their job departure.

The Job is Not Challenging ThemJob satisfaction isn't always derived from money and many PA's report that their jobs are not challenging them enough. About a quarter of PA's feel that their jobs aren't mentally stimulating enough to keep them engaged for the long term. To prevent PA's from leaving consider offering expanded practice options, leadership or supervisory opportunities to enhance their work experiences.

Interfering Responsibilities at HomeWhether it be caring for young children or aging parents, issues at home can often interfere with a PA's ability to continue working. An increasingly common complaint amongst PA's in the "sandwich generation" is that responsibilities at home are interfering with their ability to work. To increase the possibility of retaining these PA's consider offering assistance programs, flexible hours, shift sharing, or enhanced child/elder care benefit options.

Furthering Their EducationA surprising number of PA's are leaving work to head back to school to either further their medical education or pursue an unrelated degree. As an organization, you can entice them to stay a little longer with student loan benefits/ payment programs and flexible scheduling to make attending classes easier while still working for you.


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