Tips to Make Your Organization More Attractive to Top-Level Talent

Recruiting Top Level Physician Talent

Recruiting and retaining top-level talent is challenging in a market where organizations are continually vying for a candidate’s attention. To attract the best candidates, it is essential to set your organization apart from the rest by showing candidates why you should be their employer-of-choice. To help enhance your profile consider utilizing some of these tips.

Promote Your Career Development Efforts- Organizations that provide professional development options are more likely to both recruit and retain their Physicians. This makes it essential to promote your organizational offerings while setting yourself apart from the competition. Consider how your organization is different from the others when helping Physicians meet their career goals? Do you have a great mentorship program, leadership development or unique pathways for advancement?

Enhance Your Social Media Profile- We live in a computer age where social media influences both our lifestyle and commercial choices. As an organization, it is vital to harness this influential recruiting tool to up increase your recruiting success. According to a PracticeMatch Social Media and Physician Recruitment Survey, 70% of Physicians use Facebook daily with another 70% endorsing LinkedIn useage1. This highlights the importance of having a top-notch online presence that can interact with Physicians while also expressing your organization’s culture and opportunities. Consider expanding your presence into alternative platform like Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat that tend to attract more early-career Physicians. Remember to also sell your organizational culture through social media. Try telling the story of your organization through “a day in the life of “segment. Hearing a peer Physician speaking to their experiences within your organization can go a long way to persuade a prospective applicant to take a second look.


Emphasize Your Benefits- Set your organization above the rest by emphasizing your unique benefits. Do you provide onsite childcare or subsidies for said care to your employees? Perhaps there are cellphone allotments, flexible scheduling, or generous CME offerings? If so, get the word out when advertising. Onsite childcare is especially attractive to younger Physicians who frequently have a hard time finding childcare when relocating. Another attractive benefit for Physicians seeking a good work-life balance is flexible scheduling. Think about offering staggered start times or job sharing as possible options.


Express Your Organizational Values This generation is known for being interested and engaged in culture and community activism. Publicize any of your organization’s efforts related to giving back to the community or groups you may have that focus on assisting the underserved. Also values about patient care, helping the community and ecological efforts that are being made. Organizations with values focused not only on healthcare, but also the community and environment are more likely to have a favorable reputation and attract top-level talent.  

References: Social Media and Physician Recruitment Survey April 2018