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Program coordinators have a multitude of responsibilities, with one of the largest being their residents and fellows. PracticeMatch is here to help you and your physicians with our free career resources.

The Physician Career Guidebook is an aide for residents and fellows on their job search. The Guidebook includes a job search timeline and job search articles by industry experts.

Do you have physicians struggling to create their CV? Share the free CV builder with them! The CV builder has multiple templates for physicians to choose.

Career Guidance Webinars are focused on topics that pertain to the job search like: how to create a cv, where to start their job search, visa information, and more! Webinars are open to all years of training and to program administration.

It is always a good idea to have another set of eyes read through a CV and with PracticeMatch your residents and fellows can have their CV reviewed for free.

Your residents and fellows can attend our free Live and Virtual Career Fairs hosted across the United States. The Virtual Career Fairs are hosted by geographic region and allow physicians to chat with exhibitors straight from their phone. View the full schedule here.

Your residents or fellows will need to prepare their CV before they can apply to physician opportunities. As the program coordinator, they look at you as an expert in this field, so you need to make sure you are equipped to help your physicians prepare their cv. So, what do your physicians need for a strong CV?

  • Their CV needs a voice. A CV is often the first look at a physician a hiring organization receives, so a physician's CV should speak to the opportunity they are applying to. Make sure that their CV is sending the right message.
  • Their CV should be organized and readable. The information in the section should match the section header and should be in reverse chronological order. If they are creating headers with unique characteristics like underlined or bolded, each should be the same.
  • Their CV should be concise. CVs should run anywhere between 1 and 5 pages, closer to the former if they have not held any medical positions. As you read through the CV, look for unnecessary information that can be omitted. Also look for sections that can be summarized.
  • Their CV should be current. Many residents and fellows take their CV from medical school and add to it. Your physicians need to make sure that they go through their CV first before sending over to you to review. Activities and experiences that took place in medical school should all have end dates now, and any activities that are not relevant to a physician's job can be removed from the CV.

Many residents and fellows have only completed interviews for medical school and residency. Help prepare them for their job interviews.

  • Make sure your residents know what to expect from job interviews. Talk to your physicians about the different types of interviews they could be a part of during the interview process like phone, virtual interviews, and in-person interviews.
  • Help them prepare for interviews efficiently. Resident schedules can be chaotic, so they do not typically have a plethora of free time. Assist your physicians with information on how to prepare for interviews. If you are unsure of what type of questions your physicians should expect during interviews, ask your organization's interviewing team, or compile lists from residents as they begin to interview.
  • Set up mock interviews when needed. Some physicians need a little more hands-on help, so set up mock interviews with physicians who need it. You can reach out to department leadership, GME, and other resources at your program to help set this up.
  • Stress the importance of how a physician's attitude can impact their job interview. Stress the importance of how a physician's attitude can impact their job interview. any residents do not know that organizations check on items like that as they interview.
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